Founded by professionals with an extensive experience in international trade, the BR Freight Shipping operates in all segments of trade, being side by side to their customers with quality service and professionalism and competence as performing each step of the logistics of conducting exports, imports and fast solutions and complete in various types of customs procedures in all continents.

Besides its solid structure, the BR Freight Shipping has been associated with the more traditional and competent operators in each of the continents, closing very important partnerships which offers an increasing range of services, perfectly suited to the import and export policies of each country, therefore operates with greater agility and getting results better suited to the needs of each of its customers.

With a team of highly committed to excellence in both service of quality to its customers in the development of its services, BR Freight Shipping is, constantly, improving its employees, caring for the professional growth of each of them through a policy of daily training and capacity building, based on the most stringent international standards.

For BR Freight Shipping, this means an important consolidation in the international trade market, where is seen as an iconic symbol of growth, in and out of Brazil, obtaining the complete satisfaction of its clients in every area in which it operates, building next to them, several stories of growth, confidence and success.

Where we work

In Brazil

We work in several capitals offering services that meet your demand at the national level quickly, safely and with the transparency you need.

Where we work

In the world

It offers our customers a fast, safe and personalized service, either in imports, exports or obtaining all the solutions in customs clearance.

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